Premium SMS & IVR Services


Interactive Voice Response or IVR for short is an acronym for a computer that answers a phone call instead of an operator. IVR equipment interacts with callers, providing whatever information or service they require thus freeing up a company’s valuable staff resources and subsequently increasing the capacity for call handling.


MTG's IVR platform is powerful, flexible and easy to use, setting new standards of performance and reliability in the IVR and Audio Text industries with its ability to handle high volumes of simultaneous calls.


The scope of solutions include: IVR payment applications, voting, competitions, digital content delivery and push/pull marketing campaigns.


Our Products

Our project teams can deliver high-quality solutions to our client’s exact needs from simple content delivery requirements to complex transaction processing or customer management solutions.


Through its active Infotainment promoting subsidiaries and partners, MTG delivers the widest range of entertainment content by means of SMS (Short Message Service), which has grown exponentially in popularity and in volume. Over the last five years SMS Text Messaging has become a valuable and widely accepted communications medium and its popularity continues to expand.

Revenue through SMS is generated through marketing, promotional and entertainment applications via local and international markets, all of which are designed to suit any of our client’s service requirements.


MTG's Premium SMS service allows customers to charge premium rates for activities like marketing, gaming, voting, competitions, content delivery, etc,


Thereby creating revenues that are in turn shared between the mobile network operator, the customer and MTG.


By utilizing our own gateway, which connects directly to the SMISCs of mobile operators, this ensures that our clients receive a high performance SMS environment at a very competitive cost.

Text TV and Interactive TV services


Empowered with the knowhow and technical competency of its staff. MTG utilizes the latest hardware and software breakthroughs to their fullest extent, thereby offering its clients a clear competitive advantage that allows them to reach their targets in a cost effective and efficient manner.


With its comprehensive text TV background, MTG helps you to learn more about the text TV market, its opportunities, and its technology. MTG supports you in providing the text TV concept and technology best suited to your needs.





MTG is able to design the complete workflow process for text TV services. Beginning with choosing a content management system, CG and/or payout server, moreover, our services are expanded to provide text TV the design and realization of interactive services and their user interfaces, including the integration of systems and even the 24/7 web-based live moderation system and team.


MTG is capable of managing your complete text TV project and realizing components of the text TV value chain and integrating different components.



MTG has the skills and infrastructure to run your text TV applications or components as an application service provider. Today, more and more of our clients rely on us to run their IT systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.




Mobile Marketing Services


Since the turn of the millennium, SMS has become a legal, viable and cost effective form of direct marketing that captures the attention of the target audience instantaneously. From promotional messages to mobile shortcodes, brands have started using mobile communication to reach their consumers with high rates of return and building both brand equity and recognition.


Within the current market economies and the ever changing facets of the marketplace, it has become imperative for brands to utilize new points of contact and out of home media to reach consumers at every location.


Therefore, consumer brands such as fashion retailers, fast food companies, beverage companies, and more are currently benefiting from adding a mobile marketing component to their marketing mix.


Campaigns can be used as a cross-promotional tool acting as an integrated part of your overall communication approach and marketing mix, or as a stand-alone campaign focused on a specific target audience.


Campaigns can include campaign-specific Web sites, interactive contests, billboards, on-pack marketing trivia, ringtones, wallpapers, icons, and games.


While developments in direct mobile communications have been exponential, clients often find that the intricacies of the technology and security concerns can be challenge. MTG can help to create seamless solutions for mobile marketing, making content management, delivery and interactivity a simple and cost effective solution that truly pays out for our clients.


This drive has become more apparent with the advent of the Iphone 4 and IPad into the market which has stirred the wave of mobile apps and mobile advertising thereby, increasing the desire and drive for agencies to utilize these tools in promoting their consumer’s brands on these platforms in addition to the different Smart phone and PDAs also available in the market.



Key Benefits


The realized returns of mobile marketing are both quantifiable and many fold. A key element is the ability to create the right image among the massive youth market and lists a response rate up to 15 times higher than that of traditional media.


It allows for a greater level of interactivity with increased ease, especially in the form of a two-way dialogue with the customer providing a unique opportunity to build a viable database of mobile customers who are retained over long periods of time, and thereby allowing more accurate targeting when launching a new product or campaign to raise recognition. In turn, this adds value to any off-line and online advertising or marketing efforts made by clients.


Most importantly, with cultural diversity and regional communication being such an important part of marketing communication strategy today, mobile marketing is easy and relatively cost-effective to tailor-make for regional and cultural consideration.


Mobile advertising offsets the cost associated with traditional by less costly and more geographically apt vehicles that can transgress boundaries without the need for a lot of modification of customizing as per traditional media.


Moreover, branding agencies and communication consultants are driving brands to utilize the latest breakthrough in the telecommunications and IT industry in an attempt to think out of the box and tap into the realm of location based marketing and interactive solutions that can more accurately gauge the campaign effectiveness.


The communication capabilities of mobile phones are numerous - and growing - giving agencies increased creative scope and a plethora of strategic possibilities. MTG offers agencies the options of multiple of channels including MMS, SMS, WAP, Voice Ads, portals, web portals, mobile apps, games, ad-funded content, mobile TV, video streaming and instant messaging.



Mobile Content and Application


Consumers are using their mobile phones for everything from SMS news alerts to viewing video clips. Content and entertainment services are a substantial portion of mobile operator's data revenues and will continue to be a key driver in the coming years with more commercial deployments of next generation networks.


With the growth of the mobile phone’s significance in everyday life since the mid-90’s, it has become an indispensable feature to virtually everyone. Mobile content refers to any type of media used on the mobile phone; this could range from ring tones and wallpapers to phone themes, Java games, mobile internet solutions and now even mobile office solutions.


A single port of call


MTG is a channel through which our partners have their content digitally accessible to 32 mobile operators in 25 countries across the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.


There is no need for our partners to have direct engagement with multiple mobile operators, because we undertake water-tight distribution contract negotiations, content formatting, promotion, delivery, reporting and payment.


We are also specialists in formatting, meticulous quality checking and delivering content to our mobile operators’ own platforms through the utilization of our own in-house studio which utilizes the best of its kind technology managed by a skilled team of professionals that can transform your content to be digitally available across all mobile platforms.

Mobile content and applications are now being used widely and more so with the development of PDA’s, mobile offices, and remote access to networks and 3G. With global standards having been developed for mobile content and applications, numerous organizations are turning to this medium to perpetuate continuity of workflow with web-based applications that allow employees to remain in constant contact even when they’re out of the office. Email, document handling and remote access to company networks enable smooth work processes that can keep efficiencies to a maximum and avoid delays that can eat up man hours and finances.


From a commercial perspective, brands use mobile content and applications to create longevity in the minds of consumers, by incentivizing and disseminating logos, ringtones and games that will keep the consumer in touch with the brand. These forms of content and applications are tailor-made to suit the brand’s needs and are targeted to existing and/or potential consumers.

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